Rival Kingdoms

Create a legendary kingdom and crush your enemies




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Rival Kingdoms is a Clash of Clans–style strategy game where you build a kingdom of epic proportions to battle the biggest threat in the world: Ruin. In the campaign mode you can discover all kinds of secrets about this terrible danger, while in the multiplayer mode you'll fight other players.

Your aim in Rival Kingdoms is to transform the tiny village you start off with into a powerful kingdom capable of facing the most terrible threats. To do so you need to raise buildings of all kinds in order to get the resources that you need, defend your town, and of course recruit soldiers to use in battle.

During the battles (both against other players and the AI) you have to use your soldiers, but that said, you'll not only have the troops you choose for combat, but also a series of powerful spells. At any time you can launch fireballs over enemy territory, for example, or summon elemental creatures to help your troops.

Rival Kingdoms is a great strategy game, and despite taking many elements from Clash of Clans and other similar games, it also adds some interesting new ideas. Apart from that, the graphics are a real treat, with an absolutely impeccable design.

Requires at least 70 megabytes of free space on your device's memory


Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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